Philipp SchloterPhilipp Schloter
President & CEO

Before ABUKAI, Philipp held the position of General Manager at Nokia, leading a growth business unit. He led teams in the US, UK, Finland and Singapore, and also established a new San Francisco office. He led the business from gaining momentum and traction with consumers in over 150 countries to the integration into the core business as a key strategic cornerstone for Nokia's service push. Under his leadership, his team launched a Wall Street Journal Innovation Award-winning service. Philipp also initiated several key partnerships, resulting in a Stevie Award for "Marketing Campaign of the Year," and a Digital Emmy Nomination. Before Nokia, Philipp was Chief Executive Officer of PIXTO, which he successfully sold to Nokia.

Previously, Philipp served as a Senior Consultant, and later, Head of Product and Service Innovation, at the Silicon Valley office of Deutsche Telekom’s management consulting arm. There, he built a strategy consulting team, which sold services to captive and non-captive executive clients. Philipp‘s group successfully established a cross-divisional program for Deutsche Telekom to source, evaluate and transfer new products and services across North America, Israel and Asia, leading to several successful investments by DT’s venture arm. Philipp also acted as a strategic adviser to Microsoft’s corporate strategy group and earlier served as a Worldwide Product Manager for Windows Server at Microsoft. Philipp also co-founded another venture-backed start-up, and is an advisory board member at KII, a global telecom supplier.

Philipp attended Stanford University, where he earned a BA in Economics, BS in Computer Science and MS in Electrical Engineering. He also completed an executive program for marketing & leadership at the Kellogg School of Management.

Matthias JacobMatthias Jacob
Vice President, Engineering & Service

Matthias is responsible for ABUKAI’s engineering and service efforts.

Before ABUKAI, Matthias held the position of Head of Technology, Head of Engineering and earlier Chief Architect at Nokia, for a growth business unit. Matthias led engineering teams in the US, UK and Finland for mobile development, backend and web development as well as research groups for advanced imaging and location-based services. The service offering was recognized with a Wall Street Journal Innovation Award as well as a Digital Emmy Nomination.

Before Nokia, Matthias was Vice President of Engineering of PIXTO, a start-up company that developed the industry-first real-time visual search service and was successfully sold to Nokia. Matthias developed the core backend technology.

Earlier in his career, Matthias was a researcher and engineer at Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Compaq Systems Research Systems and Silicon Graphics.

Matthias holds a PhD in Computer Science from Princeton University and was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University. Matthias also holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. Matthias holds over 10 technology patents in areas such as visual recognition, location-based services, security, databases and backend systems.