Consulting and other professional service firms often incur expenses and need to assign expenses as billable expenses to specific clients or projects, or separate them as non-billable expenses (e.g. for business development).
Often times consultants are traveling or at a remote client site, instead of in the office, which further complicates the tracking of expenses.

Substantial Time Savings
With ABUKAI Expenses, consultants or other professional service staff can file their expense reports in a much simpler way than ever before. Instead of having to type up expenses, an ABUKAI Expenses user simply takes photos of the receipts as expenses get incurred - and ABUKAI generates the expense report for the user - without the user having to spend time typing off the data from the receipts.

More Rapid and Transparent Billing of Expenses to Client
If separate expense reports are needed on a per project or client basis, ABUKAI's multi-activity feature allows the user to have multiple expense reports open at the same time (each with their own client or project ID, or without an ID in case of non-billable expenses). When a user adds a receipt photo, ABUKAI simply adds the expense to currently open project or client.

If one expense report should contain the expenses for multiple clients or projects, ABUKAI's multi-notes feature comes in handy. Users simply set up their list of projects and ABUKAI then inserts the according project or client when selected into the notes. Those codes can later be parsed and separated for reporting. Allocating a single expense to multiple projects or clients is also possible with the according customization setup.

Electronic Tracking of Approvals
The optional Approval Flow Module also allows for electronic routing and approval tracking of expense reports. For example, a line manager may have to approve expenses or maybe a project manager before finance gets to have a look. With ABUKAI's flexible scripting language any number of approval rules are possible, depending on a firm's needs. ABUKAI's Receipt Review Module with the Credit Card Matching option also allows finance to automatically see for which card transactions receipts are still missing. ABUKAI offers the unique ability to match up all receipts with the according card transactions, instead of staff having to manually reconcile corporate card transactions at the end of the month.

Case Studies

Total Solutions (Download Case Study in PDF)
expense report Industry: Consulting - Country: Netherlands and United Arab Emirates
“Fantastic product! Finally got rid of all the receipts while travelling...
Directly after payment, I take a picture and leave the receipt with the seller!”
Robi Dattatreya, Managing Director
Total Solutions

Zensys (Download Case Study in PDF)
expense report Industry: Professional Services - Country: Brazil
“ABUKAI Expenses incents our employees to finalize their expense reports right away. Employees can complete reports while out in the field and without ever needing to type! We receive much more accurate and detailed expense data that we can directly import into our backend systems. ABUKAI improves our cashflow by allowing us to get reimbursed by our clients right away. And our staff focuses on the bottom-line instead of paperwork!”
Miguel Barella, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Zensys Informática e Tecnologia Ltda.