ABUKAI Presentations is the quickest & easiest way to conduct your presentations.

ABUKAI Presentations allows you to always access your key collateral, including presentations, info sheets and even video demos, regardless of where you are. Just pull up the presentation or video and everyone attending will see the new content right away! If a question pops up, just pull up the according collateral and you will be more ready than ever!

Attendees can join your meeting simply by clicking on a web link - without having to install any software or apps! No more waiting for a meeting to start because someone does not have the right software installed!

For videos, ABUKAI can directly trigger a high quality video playback on each attendees' computer. No more low quality videos or demos! Finally, present your offerings or services in the best light possible.

Due to ABUKAI's web-based approach, if a Skype or email notification pops up, no remote meeting attendee can see it. So you can easily continue to email or message with co-workers during your presentation, e.g. to back channel that key information that closes the deal!

Through ABUKAI's smart slide switching, ABUKAI Presentations switches your screen to the next slide only when everybody's screen has been updated. No more talking to the wrong slide before people's screen update!

With the full screen mode, ABUKAI Presentations can also be easily utilized for face-to-face presentations - you don't have to be nervous about not finding that presentation file on your hard drive or that USB stick just when the presentation is about to start. Just pull up your presentations from the ABUKAI portal and have all your collateral available -- even if is not on your own computer -- and stay stress free!

Finally, you can focus on your presentations without having to worry about searching for the right files! Be ready to present wherever you are, and demonstrate your solutions and offerings to local or remote audiences with the best content you have available, including high quality video!